GEF-SGP of the United Nations Development Program aims at conserving global environment through community approaches. The program has entered a third operational phase. Nepal is one of the over 101 countries participating in the program implementation.

Nepal, despite being a biological supermarket, a hydro rich nation, is also facing the threats to its biodiversity, water and climate thus resulting unsustained livelihood. It is recognized that this challenge could only be overcome through community led efforts to conserve biodiversity and its use for sustainable livelihoods. Thus, GEF-SGP is implementing its projects for the global commons in Nepal under available broader legal framework

Glimpse of the GEF-SGP Nepal Projects

The SGP programme was started in Nepal in 1992, however, it comes under UNDP management only in late 1998. Since, 1998 to 2008, there are all together 102 projects awarded (51% Biodiversity, 33 % Climate Change ,9% Land Degradation and 7% Capacity Building), in which, 93 Full Grants, 9 Planning Grants projects and 1 Strategic Regional Project implemented in Srilanka.

Geographical Coverage

The SGP projects, covered 5 development regions, 43 districts, 110 Village Development Committees (VDCs), and 5 Municipalities , in which, 48 projects are ongoing in 27 districts of Nepal and 1 strategic project in Srilanka..

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