The development objective of the third operational phase of GEF-SGP is to secure global environmental benefits in areas of biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and protection of international waters through community based approaches that also generate local benefits.

The immediate objective is to promote conservation and sustainable development strategies and to support projects to protect the global environment with the understanding of and practice by the communities and other key stakeholders.

The specific objectives of GEF-SGP are to:

i) Formulate strategies and demonstrate community-level technologies that could reduce threats to the global environment;

ii) Build partnerships through networking of local stakeholders to support and strengthen community, CBO, and NGO capacity to address environmental problems and promote sustainable development; and

iii) Effectively expand the impact of GEF-SGP-supported community-level initiatives through replication, scaling up and policy advocacy.

The SGP is now an integral part of the GEF Corporate Business Plan, besides it being an integral component of the regular operations of the UNDP-GEF Unit in New York. Nevertheless, implementation of the SGP is very much decentralized and country-driven, under the overall guidance of the SGP National Steering Committee, along with the active participation of the locally-based NGOs, CBOs and local communities (add)

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