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Nepal’s project featured (The Solar Village Electrification Demonstration Project) in Responding to Climate Change, Generating Community Benefits   Download
Nepal’s project featured in SGP Sustainable Cities For People and Planet   Download
Local Action Global Impact: Nepal's project featured on SGP 30 Anniversary Publication   Download
Local Action, PCB Management: Nepal's project featured on PCB Management SGP 30 years Anniversary Brochure   Download
A Dozen Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies From Nepal   Download
Communites in Action For Landscape Resilience and Sustainability (COMDEKS)   Download
Communities Conserving WILDLIFE   Download
Community Based Chemicals And Waste Management Experiences from the GEF SGP   Download
Community Based Mercury Management   Download
Country Program Landscape Strategy for NEPAL (COMDEKS)   Download
Empowring Women One Community at a Time   Download
GEF SGP Project Profiles Part I   Download
GEF SGP Project Profiles Part II   Download
Local Action on Sustainable Land Management   Download
Success Stories Volume II (Sano Anudan Thulo Bardan) in Nepali   Download
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