How does SGP work?

SGP is rooted in the belief that global environmental problems can best be addressed if local people are involved and there are direct community benefits and ownership. SGP is convinced that with small amounts of funding, members of local communities can undertake activities that will make a significant difference in their lives and environments, with global benefits, in contrast with top-down, expert-reliant development interventions.

Participation, democracy, flexibility, and transparency are cornerstones of the SGP approach. The programme encourages and supports the participation of communities, local people, NGOs, CBOs (community-based organizations), and other stakeholders in all aspects of programme planning, design and implementation:

  • The formulation of country programme strategies;
  • The development, presentation, and execution of project concept papers and proposals;
  • Building partnerships to broaden the scope of the programme and to communicate and replicate successful SGP initiatives;
  • Raising public awareness of global environmental issues and changing public attitudes and practices;
  • Influencing government environmental policies and programmes; and
  • Mobilizing in-kind and monetary resources to support project and programme sustainability.
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