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Bio-briquette production saves environment, increases income
Focal Area Climate Change
Grantee Rural Region and Agroforestry Development Centre(RRAFDC), Kalaiya
Project No NEP/05/08
Project Location Buniyad, Pipradhi,Parsauni, Bhaluhi-Barwaliya and Hardiya of Bara District

People of Dumarwana VDC, Bara district have been producing and using briquettes for cooking as it greatly helps in reducing indoor pollution. Briquettes are used as substitute for firewood and kerosene and it hugely reduces carbondioxide emission.

The production of bio-briquettes has added a new dimension to the lives of women as it has also become a source of income for them. The women earn up to Rs. 6000 per month by producing briquettes. One group (3-4 women) produces around 1000 briquettes per day. "There is intensive labour involved in the production as everything is done manually but it is good to have something than nothing," say the women. The income helps them to pay their children's school fees and run the household.

In order to increase income and expand business, these enterprising women are still looking for further opportunities as the production of briquettes is seasonal only. The project is supported by UNDP/ GEF Small Grants Programme.

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