Tips for project Proponents:

  • Identify and quantify project's global benefits
  • Pay sufficient attention to the on- going baseline activities and raise significant co-financing to bolster the baseline where needed.
  • Identify the root causes of the problem and logical sequence of activities to address these causes at the source.
  • Establish direct linkage between the project and GEF focal areas
  • Develop clear project communication and outreach strategy
  • Include adequate provisions for monitoring and evaluation
  • Ensure full participation of all key stakeholders
  • Develop mechanisms and incentives for sustainability
  • Design an appropriate or realistic time frame
  • (SGP project duration is normally 1- 3 years)
  • Document and substantiate scientific claims, where appropriate
  • Link the proposed project activities to removal of the barriers/root causes
  • For technology demonstration projects - include a plan how the project activities would lead to market adoption of technology
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